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Chiropractic Philosophy/ Educational Background
Chiropractors are spinal health care expei·ts in the healthcare system.
Chiropractors have the ability to improve function in the nervous neuromusculoskeletal
system, overall benefit of wellbemg. Chiropractic is a specialized
approach to examination, diagnosis and treatment based on best available
research in clinical evidence with emphasis in the relationship between the spine
and the nervous system. Chiropractors are specially qualified providers of spinal
adjustments, manipulation, exercise, and instruction. Chiropractors collaborate
with other health professionals.
Chiropractic is a patient treatment approach focusing on individual
responsibility for health. Chiropractors are expert, professional, ethical,
knowledgeable, and are compassionate healthcare providers.
Professional degree in chiropractic (D. C.) is an eight year program that
prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of Chiropractic,
healthcare of healing system based on the application and non-invasive treatment
of spinal adjustments to alternate health problems caused by vertebral
misalignments affecting bodily functions and derived from the philosophy of
Daniel Palmer.
The program includes medical sciences, chiropractic therapy and science,
postural and spinal analysis, diagnostic radiology and ultrasound, adjustment
technique, patient counseling, professional standards, ethics and practice

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